The Process Starts with You

You give us your business address, or a list of all of your addresses if you have more than one branch or outlet.


We Do Our Research

We gather and collate the location data on each location, accurate to 1.1m.

If required, we will verify with you that we have identified exactly the right spot.

Needless to say, we employ common sense when we generate the POI data points. If you look at the Landmarks set on the Examples page, you'll see what we mean.

We've created a set of points for some landmarks around Britain. For three of these (Angel of the North, Arthur's Seat and Stonehenge) the POI will guide you to the car park for each of these landmarks. It wouldn't be helpful to have the POI centered on the features themselves because you can't drive right up to them.

For the fourth landmark (Isle of Skye Bridge) the POI is centered right on the road at one end of the bridge.

It's horses for courses, and it's why there is a human step required in the creation and positioning of the POI's.


The Data is Crunched

Our back-end systems then process the location data and generate the TomTom, Garmin, Navman, Google Earth and Google Maps POI files. We also create icons from your logo for display in the satnavs and in Google Earth, and finally we create the instructions.


The POI Files are Put on your Website

The set of POI files and the instructions are sent to your web designers. They pop them on your Contact Us page.

The instructions are provided as a PDF file. You can either put the PDF file on the website as a download or you can take the wording and put it directly on your web page.

The PDF we provide is a plain vanilla one. If you'd like your graphic designer to re-do it in your house style and company livery, just ask. We'll send it right over as a Microsoft Word document and they can go to town on it.


You're up and Running!

Your customers download the POI files and use them to come to you or to any of your branches.

We do like things to be simple.


We Handle the Support Queries

Any questions about the use of the POI files come to us, not to you.

As we say, the trade comes to you, the support comes to us.