I've Got One Site, What Will It Cost Me?

Our Point of Interest sets contain all the files your customers need to find you using TomTom, Garmin or Navman Satnavs or Google Earth or Google Maps. We also provide the instructions for each of those, and we support the end users.

A POI set for a business with one location costs £188.00 exc VAT.

What we do for you:

  1. Establish a base repository within our systems for your data and generated files.
  2. Collate the location data and verify it, for each individual site
  3. Name each POI and tag it to the appropriate geo-locational data
  4. Convert and Incorporate your logo as the icon
  5. Generate the family of POI files and test them
  6. Create the instructions PDF, specific to your POI set
  7. Group, zip and deliver the POI files to your web designers
  8. Provide the on-going support for your end users


I've Got More Than One Site, What Will It Cost Me?

Some of the steps above become bigger work items as the number of sites is increased. But not all of them. So the price for a POI set containing two sites is not double the price of one site. We don't think that would be fair.

In fact the effective price per site is reduced, progressively, the more sites you add.

Number of SitesPrice exc VATEffective £ per Site
1 £188.00 £188.00
2 £212.95 £106.48
5 £298.26 £59.65
7 £339.17 £48.45
10 £404.59 £40.46
15 £493.81 £32.92
20 £575.73 £28.79
25 £658.78 £26.35


You Only Pay For What You Need

The figures above are just examples. We don't sell in fixed bundles. It doesn't matter whether you need 14 sites or 82, or anything in between. You tell us your requirements and we'll give you a quote for that exact number of sites.

We also offer non-profit and charity pricing.


We Look Forward To Hearing From You

Send us an email, we'll be delighted to discuss your ideas, give you a quote or explain any aspect of the process or the products benefits.

If you've got any questions or would like us to quote you for a specific number of sites, send an email to Sales