Here's The Deal

When you partner with Interesting Point you leverage our expertise to add a new product and skill-set to your agency's repertoire. How you use that is up to you.

At it's simplest, selling our POI sets is an easy up-sell on top of your services, and an additional revenue stream. You buy at trade, you sell at retail and we do the rest. No hassle, no drama.

Clients love our POIs, so clients will love you. You get the kudos and the revenue.

Everybody wins.


We Do It Your Way

We're not big on imposing rules, so we do it your way. If you want us to liaise with your client that's absolutely fine, we'll do that. It's what we do all the time.

Perhaps you don't want us to contact them at all? That's absolutely fine too. You act as go-between and all communications will go through you.

They're your client, so you call the shots.


Use Our POIs as a Differentiator

Get ahead of the pack. Differentiate yourselves by offering a beneficial and relevant extra service to your clients.

Our POI sets will give your proposals added interest, make them more complete, more attractive and of the moment. 


You Set Your Prices

We don't tell you what price to charge. You have the freedom to sell our POI sets at a profit, at parity or even as a loss leader.

Because they're a useful web asset with easily understood benefits and a readily perceived business value, you can creatively use them as part of a compelling tender.

You can adjust your margins to suit your needs on a case by case basis.

You guys are the creative ones. Go nuts.


I'm interested - What Next?

Drop us an email with your details in and we'll get right back you. We'll be delighted to answer all the questions you have.

We'll explain the trade pricing and describe the order fulfilment process.

And then you're up and running.